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Video recording and Monitoring can be considered the score card for how an IP Camera System and Network have been designed. A well designed system will provide an extremely high quality live and recorded video image. There are a plethora of camera quality and option considerations when choosing an IP Camera but the most recognizable are the base pixel rating:

  • 1.3MP is equivalent to a 720P system (technically not a Megapixel camera)
  • 2.1MP is equivalent to a 1080P system (similar to 1080P High Def. TV)
  • 3MP is now a common system that is 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 5MP is becoming more common at 2592 x 1944 pixels
  • 8MP is not common (similar to a 4K High Def. TV)

  • When choosing an IP camera, the capability of the recording software must also be considered. Most customer requirements and budgets allow for NVR recording software capable of consistent recording of 2MP cameras. If recorded video at high pixel ratings is required, the NVR and software solution becomes a more crucial consideration and can significantly impact the budget of an IP Camera System. Consideration for camera recording capability is generally impacted by the area being recorded:

  • A 1.3MP video recording will allow a zoom in of approximately 100% (double an analog)
  • A 2MP video recording will allow a zoom in of approximately 300%
  • An 8MP video recording will be nearly 8 times the quality of 2MP
  • Software recording capability also impacts the quality

  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) hardware configuration and components also vary greatly and can have a significant impact on the quality of recorded video and ease of access to recorded video.

  • Tower or Rack Mount Systems
  • We recommend solid state drives for the OS and VMS software
  • Dedicated "Video Quality" hard-drives with RAID 5 or 6 Configuration
  • Sufficient RAM and Expansion capacity for RAM and hard-drives for system growth
  • Video Card designed for maintenance monitor, large screen monitor or multiple monitors
  • The number of consecutive remote login users must also be considered when designing an NVR

  • Video Management Software (VMS) is the primary interface a customer will have with their IP Camera System. It is important to understand the desired use, frequency of use, and ability of the primary user of a system when choosing and setting up a VMS system on an NVR. The most common complaints of lower end systems are that they are NOT intuitive and finding a recorded "event" is overly time consuming. Most people focus primarily on the MP rating of cameras and the NVR and Software are rarely considered, though these are the most utilized items by the end user.

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