LPR Cameras
LPR Camera
LPR Camera
License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras are specialty cameras specifically designed to record images of vehicle license plates. LPR cameras are required when license plate capture is desired at night because of the challenges created from vehicle lights. LPR cameras are unique in having extremely high shutter speeds, as well as software settings to compensate for the harsh lighting conditions caused by vehicle headlights and taillights.

LPR cameras can also be used in conjunction with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This software is generally utilized to meet a few primary uses, depending on customer requirements:

  • Cross referencing existing database of customer authorized vehicle license plates
  • Integration with another database (generally for access control)
  • Transaction reporting/analysis for activity reports

  • Any LPR and OCR system that accurately captures and translates 90% of license plates or higher is considered a very good system.

    LPR cameras also come in a variety of styles and options: Analog or IP, Box or Bullet, built-in IR lights, Non-IR, vandal resistant, water proof, fixed lens and vari-focal lens. LPR cameras are often setup for black and white recording, but more expensive models can also record in color during the day. Many design considerations must be considered when developing an LPR camera solution:

  • Distance of the LPR camera from the lane to be recorded
  • Speed of vehicles at the location to be recorded
  • Compatibility of Camera with OCR software
  • Angles of the camera if OCR is desired

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