IP Overview Cameras
IP Overview Cameras can effectively provide coverage for larger areas than traditional analog cameras because high definition recorded video provides the ability to zoom in on footage. Overview cameras are often designed with vari-focal lenses so future adjustments can be accomplished to accommodate changing requirements without fork-lift upgrades. Overview cameras have various designs for different applications: Indoor, Outdoor, built-in IR lights, Non-IR, clear dome, smoked dome, vandal resistant, water proof, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), 1.3 to 5 Megapixels, fixed lens, vari-focal lens, Dome, Bullet, Box, Globe, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and other options to meet specific design requirements.

  • IP Overview Cameras excel at coverage for larger areas
  • IP Overview Cameras can vary widely in quality and capabilities
  • Smaller Coverage Areas can utilize lower capability cameras for budgeting

  • Rarely are customer sites or requirements the same, so IP camera design solutions and actual programming setup vary from project to project and camera to camera. We enjoy the challenge of learning customer requirements and creating an IP camera and network design to meet and exceed the desired results. Our team takes great pride and joy in seeing customers enjoy the exceptional aspects of a quality IP camera system that has been properly designed and implemented.

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