IP Long Range
IP Long Range Camera
IP Long Range Camera
IP Long Range Cameras can effectively provide coverage for areas at a greater distance than overview cameras. Long Range Cameras are often provided with vari-focal lenses so future adjustments can be accomplished to accommodate changing requirements without fork-lift upgrades. Long Range cameras are generally "Box" style cameras but some applications do fall into the capability of "bullet" style cameras. Box cameras generally require a housing and do not have built-in IR lights. Bullet cameras have various designs for different applications: Indoor, Outdoor, built-in IR lights, non-IR, vandal resistant, water proof, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), 1.3 to 5 Megapixels, fixed lens and vari-focal lens.

Night recording with Long Range IP Cameras requires special design considerations. Long Range lenses typically require more light for proper night recording, which is generally accomplished with external light sources.

  • Standard lighting fixtures in the location to be recorded
  • Long Range LED "white" lighting (can be triggered by motion detection)
  • Long Range Infra-Red Lighting (not visible by human eye) allows for black & white video

  • It is important to evaluate the distance from the area to be recorded from the camera because long range lighting must be designed to meet the specific parameters of the camera lens. Additionally, Long Range Cameras are more affected by vibration so mounting stability and potential wind conditions must be considered during the design phase.

  • Note that not all cameras or lenses are compatible with IR Lighting
  • We have successfully deployed long, mid-range and overview cameras to cover large areas
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