Design & Build or Build to Your Design
The first and most important element for designing a quality IP Camera System is to understand the customer's desired use and capabilities for the system. If a customer has 24/7 guards continually monitoring the cameras for dispatch of a roving patrol, the recorded video quality and setup will likely differ from an unmonitored system. If a customer desires the ability to prosecute from recorded video images, the quality and angle of video recording will be of more importance.

  • The foundation of any Camera System design is the customer's intended use for the system
  • Once the use is established, camera placement and capabilities are designed
  • After camera placement is established, the IP Network design is completed
  • When the IP Network is complete, the Infrastructure design is decided
  • Once the Infrastructure is designed, the Electronics are chosen
  • Upon completion of the steps above, the NVR and VMS are designed
  • A successful implementation requires all of the above!

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